Steve Turley Website

Although his formal training is in architecture, Steve has always loved watercolor painting. Thru the years his subject material has been landscapes, buildings, automobiles and even family pets. His current work is related to automobiles and their relationship to people in concert with their environment. Steve’s paintings are not just about the car, but the way people see their cars.

“Races, shows, on the street, in our yards and driveways, often found in multiples, with us for our most special moments. This is who we are. I personally enjoy the form that skilled craftsmen thru the years have created to encompass the engineering aspects of the automobile. The grace and passion continuously erupt to create these beautiful machines. Then we as the owners of these machines meticulously tend to them by driving, maintaining and sometimes even preserving them for the enjoyment of future generations.”

It is because of these people that Steve creates his paintings to show the beauty and sensuousness of these machines, and the constant search for the perfect blend of design and function. If you are interested in commissioning Steve Turley to create a custom piece for you, then start your engine! He would be delighted! Check out Steve’s work at